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How to find the best sandpaper which fit you?

Sanding wood is a process that, if done correctly, makes the wood surface very smooth by “machining” the surface of the wood with a multitude of very small sharp edges; in other words, sanding is

How to choose sandpaper, or other abrasives products?

Abrasives products, such as sandpaper, has the harmful substance which migh affect the environment. Therefore, it is recommended to always wear a mask, and PM mask should also be used for high mesh sandpaper. In

How to choose the right sandpaper/abrasive for your work?

Choosing the right sandpaper/abrasive (same knowledge can apply to sand disc as well) depends on the material you are using and the finish you wish to achieve. There are a few differences between silicon carbide

How to Use Cutting Disc Properly?

Today, our technical engineer from Apple Abrasives Group will train you on the safe way to use an angle grinder with a cutting wheel. To get started, let’s cover the basics of what is an

How to Identity the quality of the sandpaper

1. Abrasive material: The type of abrasive material used will affect the performance of the sandpaper. Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are common abrasive materials that are known for their durability and efficiency. 2. Grit

How to use cutting disc properly?

Apple Abrasives – #1 Source for Cutting, Grinding & Sanding. Apple Abrasives® – Quality Abrasives. We supply high-quality yet low-cost building and construction-related hardware items. Apple Abrasives – The Abrasives Professionals in Dubai Introduction: In

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