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Apple ZR Flap disc

Being a renowned supplier we offer varied range of abrasive paper for the clients. Our varied range includes Silicon Carbide Waterproof Abrasive Paper, Silicon Carbide Wet and Dry sands paper. These abrasive paper find their application in polishing and grinding of Electrical Household Appliances, Marine, Furniture and Automobile industries.

Product Features:

Apple Blue Flap disc boast 40% more abrasive cloth and are covered with premium zirconia grain. Providing twice the stock removal rate of its standard counterpart.
Normally operated at a 0° to 15° angle
Grind more smoothly
Longer life
Twice the removal rate
Works well on the following materials:
All ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Considerably longer service life due to unique flap angle and arrangement


Grinding, blending, finishing
Stock removal


Max RPM = 13300
Glass fiber reinforced
Material = Zirconia Grain
Grit = 40, 60, 80 & 120 Grits available

GrainBaking Plate Sizes
Aluminium Oxide Glass Fiber 100*16
Aluminium Oxide Glass fiber 115*22
Zirconia al. / Al. oxide Glass Fiber 180*22(order)

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