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Apple ALOX Flap disc

Engineered for flexibility and fast cutting, cloth sheets and rolls have a longer life than paper. They tear cleanly and straight without shedding and are packed in a protective dispenser to eliminate waste and damage


  • Highly resistant backing > Crease & tear resistant, lasing longer
  • High initial cutting action > Rapid stock removal
  • High strength resin bond > Minimal grit shedding ,sharp function
  • Overlapping sanding surface > Renewal of flaps extends sanding life
  • Higher surface ventilation > Minimizes heat buildup

Applied industies:

  • Metal Burrs & Welding
  • Stainless Steel Working
  • Heavy duty sanding
  • Sanding & Preperation
  • Metal
GrainBacking PlateSizes
Aluminium Oxide Glass fiber 100*16
Aluminium Oxide Glass fiber 115*22
Aluminium Oxide Glass fiber 180*22

Abrasives Product

Cut off Wheels

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