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Apple Abrasives - No.1 Source for Cutting, Grinding & Sanding. Apple Abrasives® - Quality Abrasives.


Apple  Abrasives, the professional manufacturer of abrasives, offers powerful, accurate and user-friendly solutions allowing customers to polishing all kinds of surfaces with specified materials across a diverse range of markets. Whether you want the highest productivity with the lowest total cost or simply consistent performance at a low price, Apple has the best product for all your grinding, cutting, sanding, finishing and polishing needs.

Founded in 1997,Apple Abrasive is now one of China’s leading manufacturers of high performance coated abrasive technology.

From its headquarters in Shandong, China, the company specialises in the production of innovative sanding materials and systems that deliver market specific solutions to a wide range of manufacturing and service industries.

We have wide range of products for different industires in order to satisfy different customers usage. We established our branch in Dubai in the year of 2006 in order to increase our capacity to respond to the growing demands of the global market for Apple brand of abrasive products. The consistently high standards of development, production and marketing of coated abrasives have earned the company a number of globally recognised accreditations over the years.

R&D plays a critical role in the ongoing development of technically advanced, high performance abrasive materials. We will only lauch the new products when it pass through our precise qualification. Only the high quality raw materials are used, thus providing consistency of performance and productivity across the abrasive grit range.

Our products can service across diverse market sectors such as automotive, marine and composite, woodworking, building & decorative trades and metal fabrication. Export markets have been established in worldwide with a network of key distribution partners that service local market demand and promote continued business development.

This strong commitment ensures that exciting new products are continuously introduced, which offer substantial customer benefits — helping to improve process productivity and reshape the world of abrasive solutions.

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